The trust that has been handed to us is great and the responsibilities are immense. We should all strive to work towards the prosperity of this country , elevating its status and moving forward to achieving a better life and this will not be possible without your support and cooperation and efforts to reach this goal and to give everything that can enhance the efforts of development and progress and growth

His Majesty Sultan Haythem bin Tarik bin Taimur 11 January 2020

My people, I will proceed as quickly as possible to transform your life into a prosperous one with a bright future. Every one of you must play his part towards this goal. Our country in the past was famous and strong. If we work in unity and co-operation, we will regenerate that glorious past and we will take a respectable place in the world.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimur , may he rest in peace. 23rd July 1970

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We maintain full confidentiality



Reem AL-Zadjali Law Firm is a recognized law firm in the Sultanate of Oman in the capital city of Muscat. Our firm is committed to providing responsive, straightforward and quality legal services while ensuring full confidentiality.

And at a time of significant change in the legal industry, we are determined to be the top legal firm in Oman by consistently finding innovative and effective solutions for our clients.

We focus on understanding the needs of our clients and then work with them using our wider range of multilingual expertise to achieve and provide full legal support to them in their businesses or private affairs. We seek to provide pragmatic, responsive and strategic solutions to the needs of both our local and international clientele.

By building a trusting relationship with our clients and the legal community and with our talented team of trained and experienced lawyers we continue to deliver a high caliber of legal solutions equipped to undertake the largest and most complex legal matters in their fields of practice.





Corporate & Commercial

Dispute Resolution


International Family & Divorce


Employment & Labour

Real Estate and Construction


Bankruptcy and liquidation, insolvency& restructuring

Bank & Financial Institutions

Joint Ventures

Drafting and reviewing agreements



Reem graduated with an LLB in Law with Honors from the University of Manchester, LLM in international Commercial law from Kings College London in UK and worked in different sectors holding senior positions in the banking and finance industries.

Reem Noor Al-Zadjali

The Founder
(Lawyer, Arbitrator)

Bachelors in Law from Sultan Qaboos University and has trained in Regional Courts as well as with the Royal Oman Police. Husam specializes in Criminal.

Husam Saleh Al-Risi


Darwish holds an LLB in Law with Honors from Swansea University and an LLM in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. With years of experience as a senior lawyer and firm manager in a reputable local firm in Muscat, Oman, Darwish brings valuable expertise to our practice. 

Darwish Waleed Al Obaidani


A Sultn Qaboos University Graduate.. Mohammed has deep knowledge and experience in various aresas of the law. His knowledge of the Law is matched by his skill to navigate the various legal procedures of the Courts and other government and legal entites.

Mohammed Abdullah Al-Jahwari


Reem graduated with an LLB in Law with Honors from the University of Manchester in UK and worked in different sectors holding senior positions in the banking and finance industries.

Abeer Al-Sayyid Mohamed

(Legal Advisor)

She graduated from Sultan Qaboos University with Bachelors in Management.
Reham is in charge of the Administrative accounting at Reem Al Zadjali Law firm. She worked at several international Companies and Governmental Sector before joining the firm.

Reham Juma Al-Salti


Zainab Ali Al-Hasani

(Legal Translator)

Mounther Elias Abboud

(Financial Admin)

Bachelors in English Literature from Damascus University and Masters in Audio-visual and Electronic translation from the higher institute of translation and interpretation.

Giving Back To the Community

Reem Al-Zadjali Law Firm is the first law firm to provide free Legal Consultation once a week to those in need and are unable to afford the consultation fee. This service started in March 2019 as a way to give back to the community. Our team also does some probono cases free of charge for special cases.



Honory from Al sayyida Al Jalila October 2020

Honory from Al sayyida Al Jalila October 2020

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Women and Law book

Women and Law book

This book is a humble contribution and a summary of what Omani women have enjoyed from legal protection in light of this prosperous era under the leadership of His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God support him. Starting from the Basic Law of the State that...



Omani women’s day

Omani women’s day

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Divorced women and custody

Divorced women and custody

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